Sell Wine

Selling Wine Through Cellar Door

We buy properly stored wines from private home cellars; our private client purchases are the core of our business and have quickly become the busiest arm of our company.  Clients prefer our services to those of auction houses because we’re faster, more flexible, and hassle-free. The quality and ease of our services simply can’t be matched elsewhere, and our team has extensive industry experience and an impressive roster of domestic and international contacts.

Higher Commissions:
Expect to receive more money for your wines with us. Our margins are approximately 10% below that of auction houses, and we relay those savings directly to you.

Up-Front Payouts:
Unlike the industry standard three month lead time on auction payouts, we can offer next-day payments in full.

Flexible Customer-Set Terms:
We offer consignment as well as direct sales terms that optimize flexibility and alleviate uncertainty. Contact us with your anticipated sales prices, or work with our experienced sales staff to determine the best strategy and market to receive the highest payout for your wines.  Our flexible terms provide the option to receive cash upfront – without the risk of unsold lots – or to sell at prices set by you, not the buyer.

Be as involved – or uninvolved – as you like. Some of our clients prefer to partner with us by working in tandem to find the right buyers at the right price. Other clients request that we handle all the sales details and only contact them once a sale is finalized. Let us know how to work with you; it’s our mission to make your selling experience as easy, simple and efficient as possible.

For questions or to send us your list for appraisal, email us at